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Control Systems Experts

a development services company located in Egersund, outside Stavanger, Norway, specializing in advanced control systems, sensor fusion, motion control, dynamic modelling and autonomous systems. We take on development projects and also provide R&D consulting.
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Embedded Systems
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Our expertise covers embedded systems, UI, control systems, communication protocols, motion control, signal processing and safety critical applications. We have focussed on advanced control systems and sensor fusion and have a growing list of reference projects that demonstrate our ability to solve demanding challenges within the area.

We can

take on entire development projects including any combination of analysis, algorithms software and custom embedded electronics design, or provide technical consulting. We have experience with solutions for industries ranging from marine, oil & gas, construction machinery to fish-farming.
Our broad experience in the fields of control systems and sensor fusion often allows us to spot additional value and extensions to the customers' intended application of the technology.


Technical consulting

We provide highly specialized consulting services for companies with challenges within control systems and sensor fusion.

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